Culture Preservation

    Karen Community of Philadelphia   

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Community Building

OBJECTIVE: Develop a system for community self-help for refugees from Burma.

Services & Initiatives

·         Facilitate community meetings for Karen speakers

·         Recruit volunteers from within and outside of the community 

·         Empower community leaders and youth leaders

·         Emergency and Disaster Preparedness partnered with American Red Cross

·         Hold various workshops and give presentations regarding youth issues, education, financial literacy, health, community safety, useful community resources, and so forth through collaboration with other service providers, based on expressed needs of KCP's community members.

Pwa Ka Nyaw Koh Nah (Community Leaders Committee)

KCP strives to ensure that the committee is representative of the make-up and values of the whole community. The main objectives of this committee are to address the following goals:

·         To act as a liaison between the Community Members and the board of directors

·         To represent the culture and community values of the membership

·         To advise and inform the board

·         To serve as a consultant for the organization objectives and decisions

·         When appropriate, the board refers to the Pwa Ka Nyaw Koh Nah committee when addressing matters of cultural sensitivity